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General issues

Unsure how to go about something specific with your computer, phone, or TV? No problem is to big or to small for Carefree Computing.

Computer Troubleshooting

Not sure whats happened to your computer? Get in contact with Carefree Computing and we will aim to get you back up and running as soon as possible at the best price.

Repairs & upgrades - Hardware or software

Carefree Computing offers repair and upgrade services to both Laptops and Desktop computers that is tailor made to your budget and use cases. Do you find that browsing the internet is slow? Do you want a better gaming experience? Business or Media software not running as intended? Call or email for a quote and Carefree Computing will aim to get you running at the performance you deserve.

one on one learning - learn something new

With technology becoming an integral part of today's world for leisure, work and learning its important to expand your knowledge on how to make the most of it. 

Carefree Computing offers 1 on 1 coaching to learn how to make the most out of the technology that can connect you to the world. No pre-existing knowledge required, just a computer or phone and a eagerness to learn.

 Custom PC Solutions - Business, gaming or home

Carefree Computing has been building Custom PC setups for 8+ Years. With great understanding of today's hardware and software capabilities allows Carefree Computing to offer the best PC for your needs and budget. 

Check out the gallery to see what PC's Carefree Computing has built recently. 

Get in contact today and let Carefree Computing know what you are looking for, for a tailor made quote. 



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All estimates are free and flexible and attempt to be as accurate as feasibly possible.

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I’ll work to deliver the best service, tailor fit to your needs, with a friendly smile, for an affordable price. I aim to bring this service to people or business that may not have the budget for large tech companies, but still want a bespoke service made for you, by a friendly face that is willing to take the time to understand you. 


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About Me

MY NAME IS matthew

I have been a tech head since I was a teenager and throughout my studies as a Mechatronic Engineer I have always had a strong passion for IT studies and servicing. Carefree Computing is a company that I have created to bring my passion to a reality and find a way to channel what I love into a business. I pride myself on having the patience, listening and understanding traits that are most important for delivering the best service possible.